Peak Climbing Nepal

Peak climbing is high altitude climbing adventure in Nepal it is one of the adventure spot. Peak climbing usually need both technically and physically challenging activity. Nepal government identifies 1310 Himalayan peaks over 6000 m peaks with Top 8 highest peak out 14 peaks in the world. Currently Nepal government 326 peaks are ope n for peak climbing and mountaineering in Nepal Himalaya

 Must popular Adventure Peaks

*Pisang Peak (6091m) 19 days

*Mera Peak (6059m) 20 days

*Dhampush Peak (6012m) 20 days

*Island peak (6189m) 15 days

Trekking Peak or without permit peak

*Mardi Himal Peak (5587m) 16 days

*Yala Peak (5500m) 16 days

*Tent peak or Tharpu chuli peak (5500m) 12 days

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