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Everest region is native region of Sherpa people they are very famous . Most of the trekkers in the world desire to see Sherpa people, culture feel lifestyle, and trek to Everest Base Camp of once in lifetime. Everest Base Camp Trek has been very popular for trekkers since the first successful expeditions to the Nepalese side of Everest (south Everest Base Camp) in the 1953 May 29 by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary King of Mountain. This area is famous for its beautiful panoramic Mountain range and the welcoming and friendliness of local Sherpa people. The region is one of the most well-liked trekking destinations for tourists in Nepal and tenth best trekking route in the world. While many of the routes through the mountains are challenging, there are ample places to rest and enjoy a meal along the way. Trekking is possible in this area the whole year round but spring (March-May) and autumn (Sept –Nov) seasons offer best weather for the trip. Mid spring is a good time to see the hedgerows and trees bursting into blooming Rhododendrons, in particular, adding a spectacular splash of color to the landscape. However, the views are much better in autumn after the summer monsoons have cleared the atmosphere of dust with green scenery, but the days are getting shorter and cooler.

Everest Base Camp Trek proposed to fulfill the dream of many people to experience the significant route to the base of the world´s Highest Peak in the World. Our carefully devised itinerary with a number of rest days offers an excellent way to acclimatize and enjoy your holiday. On the trip of a lifetime we have learned never to hurry a trip to higher altitude but taking an extra few days makes all the difference to really being able to enjoy your trek. A slow ascent through wonderful Sherpa villages allows us time to enjoy the panoramic, wildlife and visit a number of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, take photos of prayer walls, manis and scenic mountain views. Our trek culminates with a fine opportunity to trek to both Lukla Everest Base Camp, at the elevation of 5380m and the nearby peak of Kala Pattar/5545m for fantastic views of Mount Everest.
This trek is offers so may side walk and famous lake, famous adventure 3 pass and many climbing peak where you able to trek one week to three weeks trekking. We provide staffs whose exceptional experience, knowledge and passion for trekking in the Khumbu for memorable trip. We may have an opportunity to sow Mani Rimdu Festival in Tengboche monastery which is celebrated during October November full moon and Everest Marathon is held in May 29 every year – Nepal based local well reputed adventure trekking company offers best budget package cost and excellent services with experienced Local guide for Everest Base Camp Trek.

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