Langtang trek

Langtang Region Trekking
The Langtang region is easily accessible from Kathmandu it lies in Northport Kathmandu when you fly or hike around foothill in Kathmandu you able to see this range. Langtang area in itself is a good choice for those with limited time. In one week to ten days, one can visit Langtang area for trekking. The Himalayan views overall are not quite as higher as in the Annapurna or Everest region, but they remain unforgettably beautiful in addition, it offers more Tibetan culture with different ethnic groups(Tamang, sharpa and Tibetan) etc. This is best chance to experience the different langue it is famous trekking trails people are friendly this area is more crowded after the earthquake because of there was big damage many people has been died from different country many people like to visit after the damage they rebuild teahouse it is became a normal now trekking. Perhaps Langtang was first established as national park for Himalayan wildlife, Langtang National Park is crossed with hiking and trekking paths and mountaineering training trails allowing visitor’s unparalleled accessibility. You will often see musk deer, Himalayan Thar (Hemitragus jemlahicus), Himalayan black beer (selenarctos thibetanus), snow leopard (panthera uncia), wild god (cuon alpinus), ghoral (Nemorhedus goral) serow (capricornis sumantrenis) and more than 250 species of birds. The park is also renowned for its population of red panda (Ailurus fulgens) in Helambu area. A little further up the valley is Kyanjin Gompa, where we stop overnight and the local yak cheese this area is the first cheese factory in Nepal .We pass through Nubamatang, nestled in a hidden valley, on our way up to view the glaciers, which mark the gateway into Tibet this trekking trail nun as a trading trail to Tibet. Backtracking we have a different choice to back to Kathmandu or make a longer trek through Thulo Syabru and Sing Gompa to a high plateau, it is located Laurebenayak the best beautiful view point of Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Genesh Himal rang and Langtang range located sacred lake Gosainkunda and crossing the Llaurebenaya Pass or Gosainkunda pass (4610m), if we continue south, leaving the Langtang region behind us as we trek through the Helambu valley to Gul Bhanjyang. From here it’s just a few days trek back to all the way to Kathmandu valley.

Langtang Gosasinkunda pass Trek

Day .1 – drive from Kathmandu to shyphru besi 1946mtr (6 to 7 hours drive) overnight.

Day .2- Trek to Lama hotel 2470mtr (6hours walk) overnight.

Day.3- Trek to Langtang village 3430mtr (6 to7hours walk) overnight.

Day.4- Trek to Kyanjin Gumba 3870mtr (4 hours walk) overnight.

Day.5- Day hike to Tserko Ri (6hours walk) overnight in Kyanjin Gumpa.

Day .6- Trek to Lama hotel 2470mtr (7hours walk) overnight.

Day.7- Trek to Thulo shyphru Besi mtr (5hours walk) overnight.

Day.8- Trek to laurebinak 3910mtr (7hours walk) overnight.

Day .9- Trek to Gosain Kunda and hike to (surya peak) 4200mtr (6hours walk) overnight.

Day .10- Trek to laurebinak pass 4610mtr (7hours walk) overnight in phadi or Ghopte.

Day .11- Trek to Kutumsang 2470mtr (6hours walk) overnight.

Day .12- Trek to chisapani or drive to kathmandu. (4 or 6 hours drive or walk) overnight in Kathmandu.

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